Döner Turm Turmstraße

For us as southern Berliners, it is sometimes not so easy to get across the Spree. We like the north, but it is so far away. Today we have therefore firmly resolved to drive specifically a famous joint in the north of Berlin. Welcome to Wedding in Mitte and Moabit at Döner Turm in Turmstraße.

Aluminum box - Hurray!
Aluminum box – Hurray!

The Ambience

Döner Turm is a real aluminum box with employees behind glass windows. What is immediately noticeable: in Wedding in Moabit, one also relies on synergies for the doner kebab and has immediately taken an in-house solution in the form of a Chinese pan. The two kebab guys share the tin box with an Asian woman who offers fried noodles and chicken deluxe. Cool.

Business at the subway station
Business at the subway station

Döner Tower is about 20 meters from the Turmstraße subway station and accordingly easy to reach. We are convinced by the really real ambience in Moabit and the seating on the central strip is also very much to our taste. Here you can eat and breathe in Moabiter life at the same time.

Döner Turm at U-Bahn Turmstraße
Wedding for real (actually it’s MOABIT in MITTE!)

The boys behind the counters know their customers, us fortunately not yet, because so we can test incognito. They make the kebab pretty professionally, but the service is unfortunately only half-baked. To be exact, the boys are quite unfriendly to us half-potatoes. Ungeil.

The Döner

As always, we order two kebabs with herb and hot sauce. The bread is unfortunately toasted a bit hard, it almost comes to the kebab break. The salad is just as crisp and fresh. I like that there is enough salt on the kebab. This is yes gladly saved. The meat is reasonably boring and does not stand out. A culinary highlight we find here unfortunately not. The fries were quite okay, as well as the ketchup. On the mayo, the future customer should rather do without: it was pretty much the cheapest you can imagine and accordingly also bad.

A nice Döner bag brings fun to life
A nice Döner bag brings fun to life

The Conclusion

For workers on the way home, Döner Turm in Turmstraße is easy to reach and also offers a cheap dinner with a Döner for 3.80 euros. Unfortunately, the kebab here is rather average in taste and the two unfriendly employees do not really invite us to enjoy it. As a result, there are therefore only 3 of 5 doner kebabs from us.

Always a pleasure to enjoy a Döner at the U-Bahn station!
Always a pleasure to enjoy a Döner at the U-Bahn station!

Where is Döner Turm Turmstraße?


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